Inserting Line Breaks in Cells

Inserting line breaks in LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet cells

  1. To insert a line break in a spreadsheet cell, press the +Enter keys.

    This will work only with the text edit cursor inside the cell, not at the input line. So first double-click the cell, then single-click at the text position where you want the line break.

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You can search for a newline character in the Find & Replace dialog by searching for \n as a regular expression. You can use the text function CHAR(10) to insert a newline character into a text formula.

Formatting LibreOffice Calc cells for automatic line wrapping

  1. Select the cells for which you want an automatic line break.

  2. Choose Format - Cells - Alignment.

  3. Select Wrap text automatically.

Inserting line breaks in LibreOffice Writer text document tables

  1. To insert a line break in a text document table cell, press the Enter key.

An automatic line break will be performed while you type across the end of each cell.