You can customize LibreOffice with the same themes available for Mozilla Firefox. The menu bar and the toolbars docked in the top and bottom of the window will display the chosen theme in the background.

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Mozilla Firefox themes are available at the Mozilla website at the following address:

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Any Firefox-compliant theme will work with LibreOffice. However, not every theme will give good visual results—if the image is too busy, it could interfere with the readability of the icons and the menus.

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Choose - LibreOffice - Personalization.

Firefox Themes:

The following options are available:

Default look, do not use themes

The toolbars’ background inherits the background settings of your desktop environment. This is the default setting in LibreOffice.

Pre-installed theme (if available)

Display the system theme, if available.Your system administrator may have added a global (system-wide) theme during the LibreOffice installation. This option will display it.

Own theme

Choose this option to open the “Select Firefox Theme” dialog and pick your own.

Select Firefox Theme dialog

This dialog allows you to install a specific theme or gives you a glimpse on other exciting themes from the Mozilla Firefox themes website.

Custom Search

Type or paste the URL of the theme’s webpage. To get the URL, navigate with your browser to the theme’s webpage and copy the URL displayed in the navigation bar of your browser. Then paste it in the dialog’s text box. Click the Search button to download and install it in LibreOffice.

Suggested Themes by Category

Shows a random choice of nine themes based on the categories displayed in the buttons.

Click one of the five buttons to display in the image area below a random choice of nine themes corresponding to the category indicated in the button.

To select one of the displayed themes, click on its image and press OK.

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Since the themes will be fetched from the Mozilla Firefox theme website, you may have to wait some time to have all nine themes image filled. Please be patient.