Deactivating Automatic Changes

By default, LibreOffice automatically corrects many common typing errors and applies formatting while you type. You can immediately undo any automatic changes with +Z.

Følgende liste forklarer hvordan du kan slå av og på automatiske endringer i LibreOffice Calc:

Automatic Text or Number Completion

Når du fyller inn celler, foreslår LibreOffice Calc automatisk lignende innhold fra samme kolonne. Denne funksjonen kalles autoinntasting.

To turn the AutoInput on and off, set or remove the check mark in front of Tools - AutoInput.

Automatic Conversion to Date Format

LibreOffice Calc automatically converts certain entries to dates. For example, the entry 1.1 may be interpreted as January 1 of the current year, according to the locale settings of your operating system, and then displayed according to the date format applied to the cell.

Skriv inn en apostrof i begynnelsen av teksten hvis du vil forsikre at det tolkes som tekst. Apostrofen vises ikke i cellen.

Quotation Marks Replaced by Custom Quotes

Choose Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options. Go to the Localized Options tab and unmark Replace.

Cell Content Always Begins With Uppercase

Choose Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options. Go to the Options tab. Unmark Capitalize first letter of every sentence.

Replace Word With Another Word

Choose Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options. Go to the Replace tab. Select the word pair and click Delete.