SlÄ pÄ eller av funksjonen «autoinntasting». Autoinntasting fullfÞrer automatisk ord basert pÄ andre ord i samme kolonne. Funksjonen leter gjennom kolonnen opp til 2000 celler eller 200 ulike strenger.

Deactivating Automatic Changes

For Ă„ bruke denne funksjonen 

Choose Tools - AutoInput.

The completion text is highlighted.

When typing formulas using characters that match previous entries, a Help tip will appear listing the last ten functions used from Function Wizard, from all defined range names, from all database range names, and from the content of all label ranges.

AutoInput is case-sensitive. If, for example, you have written "Total" in a cell, you cannot enter "total" in another cell of the same column without first deactivating AutoInput.