Styles in Writer

The following information concerns Writer styles that you can apply using the Styles deck of the Sidebar.

If you want, you can edit the styles of the current document, and then save the document as a template. To save the document as template, choose File - Templates - Save as Template.

Style Category

These are the different categories of formatting styles.



Стилови на знаци

Use Character Styles to format single characters, or entire words and phrases. If you want, you can nest Character Styles.

Стилови на пасус

Use Paragraph Styles to format paragraphs, including the font type and size. You can also select the paragraph style to apply to the next paragraph.

Стилови на рамката

Use Frame Styles to format text and graphic frames.

Стилови на страница

Use Page Styles to organize the structure of the document, and to add page numbers. You can also specify the page style to apply to the first page that follows after a page break.

Стилови на листа

Use Numbering Styles to format numbered or bulleted lists.

Style Groups

These are the style groups that you can display in the Styles window.




Displays styles appropriate to the current context.

Сите стилови

Displays all styles of the active style category.

Применети стилови

Displays the styles (of selected category) applied in the current document.

Сопствени стилови

Displays all user-defined styles in the selected style category.

Стилови на знаци

Displays formatting styles for text.

Стилови на поглавје

Displays formatting styles for headings.

Стилови на листа

Displays formatting styles for numbered or bulleted lists.

Стилови на индексот

Displays formatting styles for indexes.

Special Region Styles

Displays formatting styles for headers, footers, footnotes, endnotes, tables, and captions.


Displays a list of styles for HTML documents.

Условни стилови

Displays the user-defined conditional styles.


Displays the styles in the selected category in a hierarchical list. To view the styles in a sublevel, click on the plus sign (+) next to the sublevel name.