Insert Bibliography Entry

Inserts a bibliography reference.

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Од библиографска база на податоци

Inserts a reference from the bibliography database.

Од содржината на документот

Inserts a reference from the bibliography records that are stored in the current document. An entry that is stored in the document has priority over an entry that is stored in the bibliography database.

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When you save a document that contains bibliography entries, the corresponding records are automatically saved in a hidden field in the document.

Скратено име

Select the short name of the bibliography record that you want to insert.

Автор, Наслов

If available, the author and the full title of the selected short name are displayed in this area.


Inserts the bibliographic reference into the document. If you created a new record, you must also insert it as an entry, otherwise the record is lost when you close the document.


Closes the dialog.


Opens the Define Bibliography Entry dialog, where you can create a new bibliography record. This record is only stored in the document. To add a record to the bibliography database, choose Tools - Bibliography Database.


Opens the Define Bibliography Entry dialog where you can edit the selected bibliography record.

Tips for working with bibliography entries