List Box Wizard: Field Link

Indicates through which fields tables of values and list tables are linked.

The value table is the table of the current form where the list field is inserted. The list table is the table whose data is to be shown in the list field. Both tables must be linked over a mutual data field. These links are to be entered on this page of the wizard. The field names must not necessarily be the same (this depends upon how the field names are defined in both tables), but both fields must have the same field type.

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Value table field

Specifies the current form data field which should be related to a field in the linked table. In addition, click the desired data field in the list field below.

In Control - Properties, the specified field will appear as entry in the Data tab page under Data field.

List table field

Specifies the linked table data field, which is related to the specified value table field. In addition, click the data field in the lower list field.

In Control - Properties, the specified field will appear in the Data tab page of a SQL statement under List Contents.