Numbers / Format

Specify the formatting options for the selected cell(s).

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Отворете контекстно мени на заглавие на колона во отворена табела од база на податоци - изберете го ливчето Формат на колона - Формат

Изберете го ливчето Форматирај - Оска - Y-оска - Броеви (документи со графикони)

Исто како дијалогот Формат на броевите за табели и полиња во текстуални документи: изберете Форматирај - Формат на броеви, или изберете го ливчето Вметни - Полиња - Други - Променливи и изберете „Дополнителни формати во листата Форматирање


Select a category from the list, and then select a formatting style in the Format box.


Select how you want the contents of the selected cell(s) to be displayed. The code for the selected option is displayed in the Format Code box.

Currency category list boxes

Select a currency, and then scroll to the top of the Format list to view the formatting options for the currency.

Note Icon

The format code for currencies uses the form [$xxx-nnn], where xxx is the currency symbol, and nnn the country code. Special banking symbols, such as EUR (for Euro), do not require the country code. The currency format is not dependent on the language that you select in the Language box.


Specifies the language setting for the selected . With the language set to Automatic, LibreOffice automatically applies the number formats associated with the system default language. Select any language to fix the settings for the selected .

The language setting ensures that date and currency formats are preserved even when the document is opened in an operating system that uses a different default language setting.

Source format

Uses the same number format as the cells containing the data for the chart.


Specify the options for the selected format.

Децимални места

Enter the number of decimal places that you want to display.

Denominator places

With fraction format, enter the number of places for the denominator that you want to display.

Водечки нули

Enter the maximum number of zeroes to display in front of the decimal point.

Negative numbers in red

Changes the font color of negative numbers to red.

Use thousands separator

Inserts a separator between thousands. The type of separator that is used depends on your language settings.

Engineering notation

With scientific format, Engineering notation ensures that exponent is a multiple of 3.

Код за форматирање

Displays the number format code for the selected format. You can also enter a custom format. The following options are only available for user-defined number formats.


Adds the number format code that you entered to the user-defined category.


Deletes the selected number format. The changes are effective after you restart LibreOffice.

Уреди коментар

Adds a comment to the selected number format.

Name line

Enter a comment for the selected number format, and then click outside this box.

Поле за преглед

Прикажува преглед на тековниот избор.