Prints the current document, selection, or the pages that you specify. You can also set the print options for the current document. The printing options can vary according to the printer and the operating system that you use.

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Печати датотека директно

The Print dialog consists of three main parts: A preview with navigation buttons, several tab pages with control elements specific to the current document type, and the Print, Cancel, and Help buttons.

If you just want to know how to print your document, click any of the following links.

Printing text documents:

Printing a Brochure

Previewing a Page Before Printing

Printing Multiple Pages on One Sheet

Printing in Reverse Order

Selecting Printer Paper Trays

Printing spreadsheets:

Defining Print Ranges on a Sheet

Printing Sheet Details

Defining Number of Pages for Printing

Printing Sheets in Landscape Format

Printing Rows or Columns on Every Page

Printing presentations:

Печатење презентации

Печатење слајд за прилагодување на големина на страница

General printing:

Printing faster with Reduced Data

Printing in Black and White

Selecting the Maximum Printable Area on a Page

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The settings that you define in the Print dialog are valid only for the current print job that you start by clicking the Print button. If you want to change some options permanently, open Tools - Options - LibreOffice (application name) - Print.

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Press Shift+F1 or choose Help - What's This? and point to any control element in the Print dialog to see an extended help text.


The preview shows how each sheet of paper will look. You can browse through all sheets of paper with the buttons below the preview.


On the General tab page, you find the most important control elements for printing. You can define which contents of your document are to be printed. You can select the printer and open the printer settings dialog.

Одредува дали во испечатениот документ да се вклучат боите и објектите што се вметнати во подлогата на страницата (Форматирај - Страница - Подлога).

Одредува дека нема да се печатат белешките во Вашиот документ.

Prints to a file instead of to a printer. Select this box, and then choose a location to save the file.

Одредува дали ќе се печатат контролните полиња на формите во текстуални документи.

Ако е вклучено, се печатат автоматски вметнатите празни страници. Ова е најдобро ако печатите двострано. На пример: Во некоја книга стилот за пасус на поглавје е наместен секогаш да започнува со непарна страница. Ако претходното поглавје завршува со непарна страница. LibreOffice ќе вметне празна парна страница. Оваа опција определува дали да се печати таа парна страница или не.

Specifies whether you want the name of the document to be included in the printout.

Specifies whether to include the contents of the Commands window at the bottom of the printout.

Inserts a new record into the current table.

Go to the first record in the table.

За печатачите со повеќе фиоки опцијата Фиока за хартија од поставувањата на печатачот одредува дали фиоката за хартија ќе биде зададена од системските поставувања за печатачот.

Prints the entire document.

Prints only the pages that you specify in the Pages box.

Prints only the selected area(s) or object(s) in the current document.

To print a range of pages, use the format 3-6. To print single pages, use the format 7;9;11. If you want, you can print a combination of page ranges and single pages, by using the format 3-6;8;10;12.

Prints the entire document.

Enter the number of copies that you want to print.

Enter the number of copies that you want to print.

Preserves the page order of the original document.

Opens the printer properties dialog. The printer properties vary according to the printer that you select.

Lists the default printer for the current document. The information for the printer is displayed below this box. If you select another printer, the information is updated.

Go to the last record in the table.

Prints the entire document.

Prints the entire document.

Inserts a new record into the current table.

Go to the last record in the table.

Specifies that you do not want to further scale pages when printing.

Specifies whether to scale down objects that are beyond the margins of the current printer, so that they fit on the paper in the printer.

Specifies that pages are to be printed in tiled format. If the pages or slides are smaller than the paper, several pages or slides will be printed on one page of paper.

LibreOffice Writer / Calc / Impress / Draw / Math

The tab page with the same name as the current application can be used to define the contents, color, size, and pages to be printed. You define settings that are specific to the current document type.

Изглед на страница

The Page Layout tab page can be used to save some sheets of paper by printing several pages onto each sheet of paper. You define the arrangement and size of output pages on the physical paper.

Change the arrangement of pages to be printed on every sheet of paper. The preview shows how every final sheet of paper will look.

For some document types, you can choose to print a brochure.

Printing a Brochure


On the Options tab page you can set some additional options for the current print job. Here you can specify to print to a file instead of printing on a printer.