Вметни лист

Defines the options to be used to insert a new sheet. You can create a new sheet, or insert an existing sheet from a file.

За да пристапите до оваа наредба...

Choose Sheet - Insert Sheet.


Specifies where the new sheet is to be inserted into your document.

Пред тековниот лист

Inserts a new sheet directly before the current sheet.

По тековниот лист

Inserts a new sheet directly after the current sheet.


Specifies whether a new sheet or an existing sheet is inserted into the document.


Creates a new sheet. Enter a sheet name in the Name field.

No. of Sheets

Specifies the number of sheets to be created.


Specifies the name of the new sheet. It may contain both letters and numbers.

Renaming Sheets

Од датотека

Inserts a sheet from an existing file into the current document.


Opens a dialog for selecting a file.

Available Sheets

If you selected a file by using the Browse button, the sheets contained in it are displayed in the list box. The file path is displayed below this box. Select the sheet to be inserted from the list box.


Select to insert the sheet as a link instead as a copy. The links can be updated to show the current contents.