The following section lists the help topics available for menus and dialogs.

Piezīmes ikona

The window containing the document you want to work on must be selected in order to use the menu commands. Similarly, you must select an object in the document to use the menu commands associated with the object.

Brīdinājuma ikona

The menus are context sensitive. This means that those menu items are available that are relevant to the work currently being carried out. If the cursor is located in a text, then all of those menu items are available that are needed to edit the text. If you have selected graphics in a document, then you will see all of the menu items that can be used to edit graphics.


Šīs komandas pielieto pašreizējam dokumentam, atver jaunu dokumentu vai aizver lietotni.


Šī izvēlne satur komandas pašreizējā dokumenta satura rediģēšanai.


Šī izvēlne satur komandas dokumenta ekrānattēlojuma kontrolēšanai.


The Insert menu contains commands for inserting new elements in your document. This includes images, media, charts, objects from other applications, hyperlink, comments, symbols, footnotes, and sections.


Satur komandas jūsu dokumenta izkārtojuma un satura formatēšanai.


Contains commands to apply, create, edit, update, load, and manage styles in a text document.


Contains commands for activate form design mode, open control wizards and insert form controls in your text document.


Parāda komandas, lai ievietotu, rediģētu un izdzēstu tabulu un tās elementus iekšpus teksta dokumenta.


Contains spelling tools, a gallery of object art that you can add to your document, as well as tools for configuring menus, and setting program preferences.


Satur komandas dokumentu logu manipulēšanai un attēlošanai.


The Help menu allows you to start and control the LibreOffice Help system.