Specifies the macro to run when you click an image, frame, or an OLE object.

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Choose Insert/Format - Image - Macro tab

Choose Format - Frame and Object - Properties - Macro tab

Choose Tools - AutoText - AutoText (button) - Macro

Choose Edit - ImageMap - open context menu - Macro

Choose Format - Character - Hyperlink tab - Events button


Lists the events that can trigger a macro. Only the events that are relevant to the selected object are listed.

The following table lists the object types and the events that can trigger a macro:


Notikuma trigeris

OLE objekts



Automātiskais teksts

ImageMap area


Klikšķis uz objekta

object is selected

Pele virs objekta

mouse pointer moves over the object

Atver hipersaiti

hyperlink that is assigned to the object is clicked

Pele pamet objektu

mouse pointer moves off the object

Image loaded successfully

image is loaded successfully

Image loading terminated

loading of the image is terminated by the user (for example, when downloading)

Could not load image

image is not successfully loaded

Input of alpha characters

text is inputted

Input of non-alpha characters

Nonprinting characters, such as tabs and line breaks, are entered

Mainīt ietvara izmēru

frame is resized

Pārvietot ietvaru

frame is moved

Pirms automātiskā teksta ievietošanas

before AutoText is inserted

Pēc automātiskā teksta ievietošanas

after AutoText is inserted

Piezīmes ikona

For events that are linked to controls in forms, see Control properties or Form properties.

Assigned Action

Specify the macro that executes when the selected event occurs.

Frames allow you to link certain events to a function that then decides if the event is handled by LibreOffice Writer or by the function. See the LibreOffice Basic Help for more information.

Macro From

Lists the LibreOffice program and any open LibreOffice document. Within this list, select the location where you want to pick the macro from.

Existing Macros

Lists the available macros. Select the macro that you want to assign to the selected event, and then click Assign.


Assigns the selected macro to the selected event.


Removes the macro assignment from the selected entry.