Dokumentu pārveidotājs

Copies and converts documents into the OpenDocument XML format used by LibreOffice.

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The wizard converts documents from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The source files are only read, not edited. New target files are written with the new file name extension in the same or a new folder.

The Document Converter Wizard contains the following pages:

Dokumentu pārveidotājs Lappuse 1

Specifies the type of Microsoft Office documents that will be converted.

Dokumentu pārveidotāja turpinājuma lappuses

Specifies, for each template type and document type, the directory to be read from and the directory to be written to.

Dokumentu pārveidotāja kopsavilkums

Displays a summary which shows what will be converted when you click Convert.


Atcelt klikšķināšana aizver dialogu bez jebkādu veikto izmaiņu saglabāšanas.


Allows you to view the selections that you made on the previous steps. The current settings will be saved.


Saves the current settings and continues to the next page.


If you click forward through the dialog, this button is called Next. On the last page the button has the name Convert. The conversion is then performed by clicking the button.