Error Codes in LibreOffice Calc

The following table is an overview of the error messages for LibreOffice Calc. If the error occurs in the cell that contains the cursor, the error message is displayed on the Status Bar.

Kļūdas kods





The cell is not wide enough to display the contents.


Nederīga rakstzīme

Character in a formula is not valid.


Nederīgs arguments

Function argument is not valid. For example, a negative number for the SQRT() function, for this please use IMSQRT().


Invalid floating point operation

A calculation results in an overflow of the defined value range.


Kļūda parametru sarakstā

Function parameter is not valid, for example, text instead of a number, or a domain reference instead of cell reference.


Error: Pair missing

Missing bracket, for example, closing brackets, but no opening brackets


Trūkst operators

Operator is missing, for example, "=2(3+4) * ", where the operator between "2" and "(" is missing.


Trūkst mainīgais

Variable is missing, for example when two operators are together "=1+*2".


Trūkst mainīgais

Function requires more variables than are provided, for example, AND() and OR().


Pārpildīta formula

Compiler: the total number of internal tokens, (that is, operators, variables, brackets) in the formula exceeds 8192.


Pārpildīta virkne

Compiler: an identifier in the formula exceeds 64 KB in size. Interpreter: a result of a string operation exceeds 64 KB in size.


Iekšējā pārpilde

Sort operation attempted on too much numerical data (max. 100000) or a calculation stack overflow.


Iekšējā sintakses kļūda

Matrix is expected on the calculation stack, but is not available.


Iekšējā sintakses kļūda

Unknown code, for example, a document with a newer function is loaded in an older version that does not contain the function.


Iekšējā sintakses kļūda

Mainīgais nav pieejams


No result (#VALUE is in the cell rather than Err:519!)

The formula yields a value that does not correspond to the definition; or a cell that is referenced in the formula contains text instead of a number.


Iekšējā sintakses kļūda

Compiler creates an unknown compiler code.


Iekšējā sintakses kļūda

Nav rezultāta.


Norāde uz sevi

Formula refers directly or indirectly to itself and the Iterations option is not set under - LibreOffice Calc - Calculate.


The calculation procedure does not converge

Function missed a targeted value, or iterative references do not reach the minimum change within the maximum steps that are set.


invalid references (instead of Err:524 cell contains #REF)

Compiler: a column or row description name could not be resolved. Interpreter: in a formula, the column, row, or sheet that contains a referenced cell is missing.


invalid names (instead of Err:525 cell contains #NAME?)

An identifier could not be evaluated, for example, no valid reference, no valid domain name, no column/row label, no macro, incorrect decimal divider, add-in not found.


Iekšējā sintakses kļūda

Obsolete, no longer used, but could come from old documents if the result is a formula from a domain.


Iekšējā pārpilde

Interpreter: References, such as when a cell references a cell, are too encapsulated.


Dalīšana ar nulli

Division operator / if the denominator is 0
Some more functions return this error, for example:
VARP with less than 1 argument
STDEVP with less than 1 argument
VAR with less than 2 arguments
STDEV with less than 2 arguments
STANDARDIZE with stdev=0
NORMDIST with stdev=0