Meniu yra visos komandos darbui su „LibreOffice“ formulių rengykle „Math“. Čia rasite ir visus operacijų ženklus, kuriuos galima įterpti į rašomas formules, ir komandas, skirtas dokumentams ir juose esantiems objektams taisyti, peržiūrėti, išdėstyti, formatuoti ar spausdinti. Dauguma šių meniu komandų įgalinamos tik kuriant ar taisant formules.

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The window containing the document you want to work on must be selected in order to use the menu commands. Similarly, you must select an object in the document to use the menu commands associated with the object.

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The menus are context sensitive. This means that those menu items are available that are relevant to the work currently being carried out. If the cursor is located in a text, then all of those menu items are available that are needed to edit the text. If you have selected graphics in a document, then you will see all of the menu items that can be used to edit graphics.


Šiame meniu yra bendrosios darbo su formulių dokumentais komandos, skirtos dokumentams atverti, įrašyti, spausdinti ir pan.


The commands in this menu are used to edit formulas. In addition to basic commands, (for example, copying contents) there are functions specific to LibreOffice Math such as searching for placeholders or errors.


Sets the display scale and defines which elements you want to be visible. Most of the commands that you can enter into the Commands window can also be accessed through a mouse click if you have already opened the Elements pane with View - Elements.


This menu contains commands needed to format formulas.


Use this menu to open and edit the symbol catalog, or import an external formula as a data file or via clipboard. The program interface can be adjusted to meet your requirements. You can also change the program options.


In the Window menu, you can open a new window and see the document list.


Iš „Žinyno“ meniu galima atverti ir valdyti „LibreOffice“ žinyną.