Defines the general options for drawing or presentation documents.

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Open a presentation document, choose - LibreOffice Impress/LibreOffice Draw - General.

Text objects

Allow quick editing

If on, you can edit text immediately after clicking a text object. If off, you must double-click to edit text.

Only text area selectable

Specifies whether to select a text frame by clicking the text.

In the area of the text frame that is not filled with text, an object behind the text frame can be selected.

New document (only in presentations)

Start with Template Selection

Specifies whether to activate the Select a Template window when opening a presentation with File - New - Presentation.


Use background cache

Specifies whether to use the cache for displaying objects on the master slide. This speeds up the display. Unmark the Use background cache option if you want to display changing contents on the master slide.

Copy when moving

If enabled, a copy is created when you move an object while holding down the key. The same will apply for rotating and resizing the object. The original object will remain in its current position and size.

Objects always moveable

Specifies that you want to move an object with the Rotate tool enabled. If Object always moveable is not marked, the Rotate tool can only be used to rotate an object.

Do not distort objects in curve (only in drawings)

Maintains relative alignment of Bézier points and 2D drawing objects to each other when you distort the object.

Unit of measurement

Determines the Unit of measurement for presentations.

Tab stops

Defines the spacing between tab stops.

Presentation (only in presentations)

Enable remote control

Specifies that you want to enable Bluetooth remote control while Impress is running. Unmark Enable remote control to disable remote controlling.

Enable Presenter Console

Specifies that you want to enable the Presenter Console during slideshows.

Scale (only in drawings)

Drawing scale

Determines the drawing scale on the rulers.

Compatibility (document specific settings)

The settings in this area are valid for the current document only.

Dokumento formatavimui naudoti spausdintuvo nuostatas

Spausdintuvo nuostatos taikomos ne tik spausdinant, bet ir atvaizduojant formatuotą dokumentą ekrane. Jei ši parinktis nepažymėta, dokumento spaudinio ir vaizdo ekrane maketas nepriklausys nuo spausdintuvo.

Note Icon

Jei veikiamajam dokumentui įgalinsite šią parinktį ir dokumentą įrašysite senesniu uždaru formatu, parinkties reikšmė nebus įrašyta. Vėliau atvėrus tokį seno formato dokumentą, ši parinktis bus įgalinta automatiškai.

Add spacing between paragraphs and tables

Specifies that LibreOffice Impress calculates the paragraph spacing exactly like Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint adds the bottom spacing of a paragraph to the top spacing of the next paragraph to calculate the total spacing between both paragraphs. LibreOffice Impress utilizes only the larger of the two spacings.