Static Statement

Declares a variable or an array at the procedure level within a subroutine or a function, so that the values of the variable or the array are retained after exiting the subroutine or function. Dim statement conventions are also valid.

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The Static statement cannot be used to define variable arrays. Arrays must be specified according to a fixed size.


Static VarName[(start To end)] [As VarType], VarName2[(start To end)] [As VarType], ...


Sub ExampleStatic

Dim iCount As Integer, iResult As Integer

    For iCount = 0 To 2

        iResult = InitVar()

    Next iCount

    MsgBox iResult,0,"The answer is"

End Sub


' Function for initialization of the static variable

Function InitVar() As Integer

    Static iInit As Integer

    Const iMinimum As Integer = 40 ' minimum return value of this function

    If iInit = 0 Then ' check if initialized

        iInit = iMinimum


        iInit = iInit + 1

    End If

    InitVar = iInit

End Function