Specifies view options.

이 명령을 사용하려면...

Choose - LibreOffice - View.

User Interface

Toolbar icon size

Specifies the display size of toolbar icons.

Sidebar icon size

Specifies the display size of sidebar icons.

Notebook bar icon size

Specifies the display size of notebook bar icons.

Icon style

Specifies the icon style for icons in toolbars and dialogs.


Mouse positioning

Specifies if and how the mouse pointer will be positioned in newly opened dialogs.

Middle mouse button

Defines the function of the middle mouse button.

  1. Automatic scrolling - dragging while pressing the middle mouse button shifts the view.

  2. Paste clipboard - pressing the middle mouse button inserts the contents of the "Selection clipboard" at the cursor position.

The "Selection clipboard" is independent of the normal clipboard that you use by Edit - Copy/Cut /Insert or the respective keyboard shortcuts. Clipboard and "Selection clipboard" can contain different contents at the same time.


Selection clipboard

Copy content

Edit - Copy Ctrl+C.

Select text, table, object.

Paste content

Edit - Paste Ctrl+V pastes at the cursor position.

Clicking the middle mouse button pastes at the mouse pointer position.

Pasting into another document

No effect on the clipboard contents.

The last marked selection is the content of the selection clipboard.

그래픽 출력

팁 아이콘

Shift + Ctrl + R 을 누르면 현재 문서의 보기를 복구하거나 새로 고칠 수 있습니다.

하드웨어 가속 사용

그래픽 디스플레이 어댑터의 하드웨어 기능에 직접 액세스하여 화면 표시를 개선시킵니다. 모든 운영 체제 및 LibreOffice 플랫폼 배포에 대한 하드웨어 가속 지원이 되지 않습니다.

안티-앨리어싱 사용

이 기능을 지원하는 경우, 그림에 대한 안티-앨리어싱을 켜거나 끌 수 있습니다. 안티-앨리어싱을 사용하면, 대부분의 그림 개체를 보다 부드럽고 자연스럽게 표시할 수 있습니다.

Use OpenGL for all rendering (on restart)

Use the high performance Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) to render all visual elements of the application, including windows, menus, toolbars and icons. OpenGL uses the computer graphics device to accelerate the graphics rendering. If the device is blacklisted (see below) this option will not be effective.

Force OpenGL even if blacklisted (on restart)

Forces the use of OpenGL even if the graphics device is blacklisted. A device is blacklisted when it is buggy or may render graphics with poor quality.


Icons in menus

Displays icons next to the corresponding menu items. Select from "Automatic", "Hide" and "Show". "Automatic" displays icons according to system settings and themes.

Font Lists

Show preview of fonts

Displays the names of selectable fonts in the corresponding font, for example, fonts in the Font box on the Formatting bar.