Const Statement

Defines a string as a constant.


Const Text = Expression


Text: Any constant name that follows the standard variable naming conventions.

A constant is a variable that helps to improve the readability of a program. Constants are not defined as a specific type of variable, but rather are used as placeholders in the code. You can only define a constant once and it cannot be modified. Use the following statement to define a constant:

CONST ConstName=Expression

The type of expression is irrelevant. If a program is started, LibreOffice Basic converts the program code internally so that each time a constant is used, the defined expression replaces it.


Sub ExampleConst

    Const iVar = 1964

    MsgBox iVar

    Const sVar = "Program", dVar As Double = 1.00

    MsgBox sVar & " " & dVar

End Sub