Defining Index or Table of Contents Entries

To Define Index Entries

  1. Click in a word, or select the words in your document that you want to use as an index entry.

  2. Choose Insert - Table of Contents and Index - Index Entry, and do one of the following:

To Define Table of Contents Entries

The best way to generate a table of contents is to apply the predefined heading paragraph styles, such as "Heading 1", to the paragraphs that you want to include in your table of contents.

To Use a Custom Paragraph Style as a Table of Contents Entry

  1. Choose Tools - Chapter Numbering and click the Numbering tab.

  2. Select the paragraph style that you want to include in your table of contents in the Paragraph Style box.

  3. In the Level list, click the hierarchical level that you want to apply the paragraph style to.

  4. Click OK. You can now apply the style to headings in your document and include them in your table of contents.

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