Formats the first letter of a paragraph with a large capital letter, that can span several lines. The paragraph must span at least as many lines as you specify in the Lines box.

Til að nálgast þessa skipun...

Veldu Setja inn - Skrá

Choose View - Styles - open context menu Modify/New - Drop Caps tab


Show Drop Caps

Applies the drop cap settings to the selected paragraph.

Heil orð

Displays the first letter of the first word in the paragraph as a drop cap, and the remaining letters of the word as large type.


Enter the number of characters to convert to drop caps.


Enter the number of lines that you want the drop cap to extend downward from the first line of the paragraph. Shorter paragraphs will not get drop caps. The selection is limited to 2-9 lines.

Fjarlægð frá texta

Enter the amount of space to leave between the drop caps and the rest of the text in the paragraph.



Enter the text that you want to display as drop caps instead of the first letters of the paragraph.


Select the formatting style that you want to apply to the drop caps. To use the formatting style of the current paragraph, select [None].

Preview Field

Displays a preview of the current selection.