This section contains the default paths to important folders in LibreOffice. These paths can be edited by the user.

Til að nálgast þessa skipun...

Choose - LibreOffice - Paths.

Choose Tools - AutoText - Path.

Slóðir sem notaðar eru af LibreOffice

To modify an entry in this list, click the entry and click Edit. You can also double click the entry.


The Default button resets the predefined paths for all selected entries.


Click to display the Select Path or Edit Paths dialog.

You can change the sequence of entries by clicking the bar in the Type column. The column width can be changed by moving the separator between the columns with the mouse.

In the following list of paths, the paths for the shared folders in the directory where LibreOffice is installed, are not shown. The user data for each user is stored in the {user} directory, which is located in the user's directory.




Skjöl notanda

Sjálfgefin skjalamappa á kerfinu þínu

You can see this folder when you first call the Open or Save dialog.

Sjálfvirk leiðrétting

This folder stores your own AutoCorrect texts.

Sjálfvirkur texti

This folder stores your own AutoText texts.


New Gallery themes are stored in this folder.


This folder is displayed when you first call the dialog for opening or saving a graphic object.


Sjálfvirk öryggisafrit af skjölum eru geymd hér.


In this folder you can store your own templates.

Tímabundnar skrár

This is where LibreOffice puts its temporary files.


LibreOffice reads the TSCP BAF policy from this file.