Use the Internet page of the Hyperlink dialog to edit hyperlinks with WWW or FTP addresses.

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Click Hyperlink icon on Standard bar, click Internet

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The fields for the login name, password and anonymous user are only available for FTP addresses.

Type of hyperlink


Creates an http hyperlink.


Creates an FTP hyperlink.


Enter a URL for the file that you want to open when you click the hyperlink. If you do not specify a target frame, the file opens in the current document or frame.


Specifies your login name, if you are working with FTP addresses.


Specifies your password, if you are working with FTP addresses.

Óþekktur notandi

Allows you to log in to the FTP address as an anonymous user.

Nánari stillingar


Enter the name of the frame that you want the linked file to open in, or select a predefined frame from the list. If you leave this box blank, the linked file opens in the current browser window.


Specifies whether the hyperlink is inserted as text or as a button.


Opens the Assign Macro dialog, in which you can give events such as "mouse over object" or "trigger hyperlink" their own program codes.


Specifies the visible text or button caption for the hyperlink.


Enter a name for the hyperlink. LibreOffice inserts a NAME tag in the hyperlink.