Reverses the last command or the last entry you typed. To select the command that you want to reverse, click the arrow next to the Undo icon on the Standard bar.

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Veldu Breyta - Afturkalla


On the Standard Bar or Table Data bar, click



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To change the number of commands that you can undo, go to the Expert configuration and set a new value of the property /org.openoffice.Office.Common/Undo Steps.

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Some commands (for example, editing Styles) cannot be undone.

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Þú getur snúið við Afturkalla-aðgerðinni með því að velja Breyta - Gera aftur.

About the Undo command in database tables

When you are working with database tables, you can only undo the last command.

Táknmynd fyrir aðvörun

If you change the content of a record in a database table that has not been saved, and then use the Undo command, the record is erased.

About the Undo command in presentations

The Undo list is cleared when you apply a new layout to a slide.