LBound Function

Returns the lower boundary of an array.


LBound (ArrayName [, Dimension])




ArrayName: Name of the array for which you want to return the upper (Ubound) or the lower (LBound) boundary of the array dimension.

[Dimension]: Integer that specifies which dimension to return the upper (Ubound) or the lower (LBound) boundary for. If a value is not specified, the first dimension is assumed.

Error codes:

5 Ógilt kall á stefju

9 Index out of defined range


Sub ExampleUboundLbound

Dim sVar(10 To 20) As String

    Print LBound(sVar())

    Print UBound(sVar())

End Sub


Sub ExampleUboundLbound2

Dim sVar(10 To 20,5 To 70) As String

    Print LBound(sVar()) REM Returns 10

    Print UBound(sVar()) REM Returns 20

    Print LBound(sVar(),2) REM Returns 5

    Print UBound(sVar(),2) REM Returns 70

End Sub