Status Bar

The Status Bar displays information about the current sheet.

Position in document

Displays the number of the current sheet and the total number of sheets in the spreadsheet.

Standardni filtar

Displays the current Page Style. Double-click to edit the style, right-click to select another style.

Standardni filtar

Specifies the current page display zoom factor.

Standardni filtar

Displays the current insert mode. You can toggle between INSRT = insert and OVER = overwrite.

Standardni filtar

Here you can switch between different selection modes.

Document Modification

If changes to the document have not yet been saved, a "*" is displayed in this field on the Status Bar. This also applies to new, not yet saved documents.

Digitalni potpis

See also Digital Signatures.

Standard Formula, Date/Time, Error Warning

Displays information about the current document. By default, the SUM of the contents of the selected cells is displayed.