Close Statement

Zatvara specifičnu datoteku koja je bila otvorena u Open iskazu


Close FileNumber As Integer[, FileNumber2 As Integer[,...]]


FileNumber: Any integer expression that specifies the number of the data channel that was opened with the Open statement.


Sub ExampleWorkWithAFile

Dim iNumber As Integer

Dim sLine As String

Dim aFile As String

Dim sMsg As String

    aFile = "c:\data.txt"

    sMsg = ""

    iNumber = Freefile

    Open aFile For Output As #iNumber

    Print #iNumber, "Prvi redak teksta"

    Print #iNumber, "Još jedan redak teksta"

    Close #iNumber

    iNumber = Freefile

    Open aFile For Input As iNumber

    While Not eof(iNumber)

        Line Input #iNumber, sLine

        If sLine <>"" Then

            sMsg = sMsg & sLine & chr(13)

        End If


    Close #iNumber

    MsgBox sMsg

End Sub