Status Bar

स्थिति पट्टी में मौजूदा दस्तावेज़ के बारे में जानकारियाँ होती हैं तथा विशिष्ट क्रियाओं हेतु बहुत से बटन होते हैं.

Page Number

The current page number is displayed in this field of the status bar. A double-click opens the Navigator, with which you can navigate in the document. A right-click shows all bookmarks in the document. Click a bookmark to position the text cursor at the bookmark location.

Current Page Style

Displays the current Page Style. Double-click to edit the style, right-click to select another style.


Displays the language for the selected text.
Click to open a menu where you can choose another language for the selected text or for the current paragraph.
Choose None to exclude the text from spellchecking and hyphenation.
Choose Reset to Default Language to re-apply the default language for the selection or the paragraph.
Choose More to open a dialog with more options.

Insert Mode

Displays the current insert mode. You can toggle between INSRT = insert and OVER = overwrite.

Selection Mode

Here you can switch between different selection modes.

Document Modification

If changes to the document have not yet been saved, a "*" is displayed in this field on the Status Bar. This also applies to new, not yet saved documents.

डिजिटल हस्ताक्षर

See also Digital Signatures.

Combined Display

Displays current information about the active document.

Zoom & View Layout

Three controls on the Writer Status Bar allow you to change the zoom and view layout of your text documents.

The View Layout icons show from left to right: Single column mode. View mode with pages side by side. Book mode with two pages as in an open book.

Drag the Zoom slider to the left to show more pages, drag to the right to zoom into a page and show a smaller area of the page.


Specifies the current page display zoom factor.