Entries (alphabetical index)

Specify the format of the alphabetical index entries.

To access this command...

Choose Insert - Table of Contents and Index - Table of Contents, Index or Bibliography - Entries tab (when Alphabetical Index is the selected type)


Select the level that you want to define.

Level "S" refers to the single letter headings that divide the index entries alphabetically. To enable these headings, select the Alphabetical delimiter check box in the Format area.

बनावट तथा फ़ॉर्मेटिंग

The Structure line defines how the entries in the index are composed. To change the appearance of an entry you can enter codes or text in the empty boxes on this line. You can also click in an empty box or on a code, and then click a code button.

प्रविष्टि पाठ (E)

Inserts the text of the chapter heading.

टैब विराम (T)

Inserts a tab stop. To add leader dots to the tab stop, select a character in the Fill character box. To change the position of the tab stop, enter a value in the Tab stop position box, or select the Align right check box.

अध्याय सूचना

Inserts chapter information, such as the chapter heading and number. Select the information that you want to display in the Chapter entry box.

अध्याय प्रविष्टि

Select the chapter information that you want to include in the index entry.

Evaluate up to level

Enter the maximum hierarchy level down to which objects are shown in the generated index.

पृष्ठ क्रमांक (#)

Inserts the page number of the entry.

अक्षर शैली

Specify the formatting style for the selected part on the Structure line.


Opens a dialog where you can edit the selected character style.

अक्षर भरें

Select the tab leader that you want use.

टैब विराम स्थान

Enter the distance to leave between the left page margin and the tab stop.

दायाँ पंक्तिबद्ध करें

Aligns the tab stop to the right page margin.


Only visible when you click the E# button in the Structure line. Select to show the chapter number with or without separator.

Evaluate up to level

Enter the maximum hierarchy level down to which objects are shown in the generated index.

हाशिया की अनुच्छेद शैली के सापेक्ष टैब स्थान

Positions the tab stop relative to the "indent from left" value defined in the paragraph style selected on the Styles tab. Otherwise the tab stop is positioned relative to the left text margin.

मुख्य प्रविष्टियों के लिए अक्षर शैली

Specify the formatting style for the main entries in the alphabetical index. To convert an index entry into a main entry, click in front of the index field in the document and then choose Edit - Index Entry.

वर्णमाला परिसीमित करनेवाला

Uses the initial letters of the alphabetically arranged index entries as section headings.

विराम चिह्नों से अलग की हुई कुंजी

Arranges the index entries on the same line, separated by commas.