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Creating and Applying Page Styles

LibreOffice uses page styles to specify the layout of a page, including the page orientation, background, margins, headers, footers, and text columns. To change the layout of an individual page in a document, you must create and apply a custom page style to the page.

Changing Page Orientation

Changing Page Background

To define a new page style:

  1. Choose View - Styles.

  2. Click the \<emph\>Page Styles\</emph\> icon.

  3. In the list of page styles, right-click an item, and then choose \<emph\>New\</emph\>.

  4. On the \<emph\>Organizer\</emph\> tab, type a name in the \<emph\>Name\</emph\> box.

  5. Do one of the following:

  1. Use the tabs in the dialog to set the layout options for the page style, and then click \<emph\>OK\</emph\>.

To apply a page style:

  1. Click in the page that you want to apply the page style to.

  2. Choose View - Styles, and then click the Page Style icon.

  3. Double-click a name in the list.

To apply a page style to a new page:

  1. Click in the document where you want a new page to start.

  2. Choose \<emph\>Insert - Manual Break\</emph\>.

  3. Select \<emph\>Page break\</emph\>.

  4. In the \<emph\>Style \</emph\>box, select the page style that you want to apply to the page that follows the manual break.

  5. Click \<emph\>OK\</emph\>.

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