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Combining Numbered Lists

You can combine numbered lists into a single consecutively numbered list.

To combine consecutive numbered lists:

  1. Select all of the paragraphs in the lists.

  2. On the \<emph\>Formatting\</emph\> Bar, click the \<emph\>Numbering On/Off \</emph\>icon twice.

To create a numbered list from non-consecutive paragraphs:

  1. Hold down Ctrl and drag a selection in the first numbered paragraph. You only have to select one character.

  2. Continue to hold down Ctrl, and drag a selection in each numbered paragraph of the lists you want to combine.

  3. On the \<emph\>Formatting\</emph\> Bar, click the \<emph\>Numbering On/Off \</emph\>icon twice.

Numbering and Numbering Styles

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Adding Numbering

Turning off Bullets and Numbering for Individual Paragraphs

Using Captions

Defining Number Ranges