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Fontwork For Graphical Text Art

You can use Fontwork to create graphical text art objects.

To create a Fontwork object

  1. If you don't see the Drawing toolbar or the Fontwork toolbar, choose View - Toolbars to enable the toolbar.

  2. On the Drawing toolbar or on the Fontwork toolbar, click the Fontwork Gallery icon.Icon

  3. In the \<emph\>Fontwork Gallery\</emph\> dialog, select a Fontwork style and click OK.

    The Fontwork object is inserted into your document. Fontwork objects are Custom Shapes. Using the 3D Settings toolbar, you can switch the view at any time from 2D to 3D and back.

  4. Double-click the object to enter text edit mode.

  5. Replace the default Fontwork text with your own text.

  6. Press Esc to exit text edit mode.

To edit a Fontwork object

  1. Click the Fontwork object.

    The Fontwork toolbar is displayed. If you do not see the Fontwork toolbar, choose View - Toolbars - Fontwork.

  2. Click an icon in the \<emph\>Fontwork\</emph\> toolbar.

    The following icons are available:

To edit more Fontwork attributes

  1. Click the Fontwork object.

  2. Select the properties from the \<emph\>Drawing Object Properties\</emph\> toolbar. You can change the line width, line color, fill color, fill style, and more.