The 3D-Settings toolbar controls properties of selected 3D objects.

Extrusion on/off

Switches the 3D effects on and off for the selected objects.

Tilt Down

Tilts the selected object downwards by five degrees.

Tilt Up

Tilts the selected object upwards by five degrees.

Tilt Left

Tilts the selected object left by five degrees.

Tilt Right

Tilts the selected object right by five degrees.


Opens the Extrusion Depth window.

Select an extrusion depth.

Enter an extrusion depth.


Opens the Extrusion Direction window.

Select a direction.

Select a perspective or parallel extrusion method.


Opens the Extrusion Lighting window.

Select a lighting direction.

Select a lighting intensity.


Opens the Extrusion Surface window.

Select a surface material or a wireframe display.

3D Color

Opens the Extrusion Color toolbar.