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Special properties of a formatted field

\<emph\>Formatting\</emph\>: You can set the \<emph\>Formatting \</emph\>property by clicking the \<emph\>... \</emph\>button in the \<emph\>Formatting\</emph\> line of the \<emph\>Properties: Formatted Field\</emph\> dialog. The \<emph\>Number Format\</emph\> dialog appears.

If the formatted field is connected to the text field of a database, the entries in this field will be treated as text. If the formatted field is connected to a field of the database that can be displayed as a number, the input is treated as numbers. The date and time are also handled internally as numbers.

\<emph\>Min. value\</emph\> and \<emph\>Max. value\</emph\>: You can enter the minimum and maximum numeric value for a formatted field. The min and max values determine the output of existing data (Example: Min. value is 5, the connected database field contains the integer value 3. The output is 5, but the value in the database is not modified) and the input of new data (Example: Max. value is 10 and you enter 20. The input is corrected and 10 is written in the database). If the fields are not filled in for \<emph\>Min. value \</emph\>and \<emph\>Max. value\</emph\>, no limits will be applied. For formatted fields that are connected to a database text field, these two values and the \<emph\>Default value\</emph\> do not apply.

\<emph\>Default value\</emph\>: This value is set for new records as the default value.