Other Commands

This is a list of the functions and the statements that are not included in the other categories.

Beep Statement

Plays a tone through the computer's speaker. The tone is system-dependent and you cannot modify its volume or pitch.

Shell Function

Starts another application and defines the respective window style, if necessary.

Wait Statement

Interrupts the program execution for the amount of time that you specify in milliseconds.

GetSystemTicks Function

Returns the number of system ticks provided by the operating system. You can use this function to optimize certain processes.

Environ Function

Returns the value of an environment variable as a string. Environment variables are dependent on the type of operating system that you have.

GetSolarVersion Function

Returns the internal number of the current LibreOffice version.

GetGuiType Function

Returns a numerical value that specifies the graphical user interface.

TwipsPerPixelX Function

Returns the number of twips that represent the width of a pixel.

TwipsPerPixelY Function

Returns the number of twips that represent the height of a pixel.

CreateUnoStruct Function

Creates an instance of a Uno structure type.

CreateUnoService Function

Instantiates a Uno service with the ProcessServiceManager.

GetProcessServiceManager Function

Returns the ProcessServiceManager (central Uno ServiceManager).

CreateUnoDialog Function

Creates a Basic Uno object that represents a Uno dialog control during Basic runtime.

CreateUnoListener Function

Creates a Listener instance.

CreateUnoValue Function

Returns an object that represents a strictly typed value referring to the Uno type system.

CreateObject Function

Creates a UNO object. On Windows, can also create OLE objects.

This method creates instances of the type that is passed as parameter.

GetDefaultContext Function

Returns the default context of the process service factory, if existent, else returns a null reference.

ThisComponent Statement

Addresses the active component so that its properties can be read and set.


Basic source code and dialogs are organized in a library system.