\<bookmark_value\>DefBool statement\</bookmark_value\>

DefBool Statement

If no type-declaration character or keyword is specified, the DefBool statement sets the default data type for variables, according to a letter range.


Defxxx Characterrange1[, Characterrange2[,...]]


\<emph\>Characterrange:\</emph\> Letters that specify the range of variables that you want to set the default data type for.

\<emph\>xxx:\</emph\> Keyword that defines the default variable type:

\<emph\>Keyword: \</emph\>Default variable type

\<emph\>DefBool:\</emph\> Boolean


REM Prefix definition for variable types:

DefBool b

DefDate t

DefDbl d

DefInt i

DefLng l

DefObj o

DefVar v

Sub ExampleDefBool

    bOK=TRUE REM bOK is an implicit Boolean variable

End Sub