\<bookmark_value\>Not operator (logical)\</bookmark_value\>

Not Operator

Negates an expression by inverting the bit values.


Result = Not Expression


\<emph\>Result:\</emph\> Any numeric variable that contains the result of the negation.

\<emph\>Expression:\</emph\> Any expression that you want to negate.

When a Boolean expression is negated, the value True changes to False, and the value False changes to True.

In a bitwise negation each individual bit is inverted.


Sub ExampleNot

Dim vA As Variant, vB As Variant, vC As Variant, vD As Variant

Dim vOut As Variant

    vA = 10: vB = 8: vC = 6: vD = Null

    vOut = Not vA REM Returns -11

    vOut = Not(vC > vD) REM Returns -1

    vOut = Not(vB > vA) REM Returns -1

    vOut = Not(vA > vB) REM Returns 0

End Sub