Outline & Numbering

Adds or removes outline level, numbering, or bullets from the paragraph. You can also select the style of numbering to use, and reset the numbering in a numbered list.

Para acceder a esta orde...

Escolla Formatar - Parágrafo - Esquema e numeración

Escolla Formato - Estilos e abra o menú de contexto Novo/Modificar - Esquema e numeración (para Estilos de parágrafo)

  1. To change the numbering options for paragraphs that use the same paragraph style, choose View - Styles, and then click the Paragraph Styles icon. Right-click the style in the list, choose Modify, and then click the Outline & Numbering tab.

  2. To change the numbering options for selected paragraphs, choose Format - Paragraph, and then click the Outline & Numbering tab.

Nivel do esquema

Assigns an outline level from 1 to 10 to the selected paragraphs or Paragraph Style. Select Body text to reset the outline level.


Estilo de numeración

Select the Numbering Style that you want to apply to the paragraph. These styles are also listed in the Styles window if you click the Numbering Style icon.

Editar estilo

Edit the properties of the selected numbering style. These properties will apply to all paragraphs formatted with the given numbering style.

This section only appears when you edit the properties of the current paragraph by choosing Format - Paragraph.

Reiniciar neste parágrafo

Restarts the numbering at the current paragraph.

Comezar con

Select this check box, and then enter the number that you want to assign to the paragraph.

"Start with" spin button

Enter the number that you want to assign to the paragraph. The following paragraphs are numbered consecutively from the number that you enter here.

Numeración de liñas

Specify the Line numbering options. To add line numbers to your document, choose Tools - Line Numbering.

Incluír este parágrafo na numeración de liñas

Inclúe o parágrafo actual na numeración de liñas.

Reiniciar neste parágrafo

Reinicia a numeración de liñas no parágrafo actual, ou no número que se indique.

Comezar desde

Introduza o número desde o que reiniciar a numeración de liñas