See menüü sisaldab käske dokumendi kuva juhtimiseks.


Displays how the document will look when you print it.


Displays the document as it would be viewed in a Web browser. This is useful when you create HTML documents.

HTML Source

Displays the source text of the current HTML document. This view is available when creating a new HTML document or opening an existing one.


Opens a submenu to show and hide toolbars. A toolbar contains icons and options that let you quickly access LibreOffice commands.

Status Bar

Shows or hides the Status Bar at the bottom edge of the window.


Contains a submenu for showing or hiding the horizontal and vertical rulers.


Kuvab või peidab horisontaalse ja vertikaalse kerimisriba, mida kasutatakse dokumendi parajasti nähtava osa muutmiseks.

Text Boundaries

Shows or hides the boundaries of the printable area of a page. The boundary lines are not printed.

Tabeli joonestik

Kuvab või peidab joonestiku selliste tabelilahtrite ümber, millele pole määratud ääriseid. Joonestik on nähtav ainult ekraanil, seda ei prindita.

Pildid ja diagrammid

Kuvab või peidab dokumendi graafilised elemendid, nagu pildid ja diagrammid.


Kuvab või peidab dokumendis leiduvad märkused ja nende vastused.

Formatting Marks

Shows hidden formatting symbols in your text, such as paragraph marks, line breaks, tab stops, and spaces.

Grid and Help Lines

Toggle the visibility of grid points and guide lines to help object moving and precise position in the current sheet.

Tühja ruumi peitmine

Kuvab dokumendi nii, et tühi ruum lehekülgede algul ja lõpul on peidetud.

Muudatuste jälitamine

Shows or hides recorded changes.

Field Shadings

Shows or hides shadings around fields in your document like non-breaking spaces, soft hyphens, indexes, and footnotes.

Field Names

Switches between showing fields as field names or field values. When enabled the field names are displayed, and when disabled the field values displayed. Some field contents cannot be displayed.

Hidden Paragraphs

Shows or hides hidden paragraphs. This option only affects the screen display of hidden paragraphs, and not the printing of hidden paragraphs.


The Sidebar is a vertical graphical user interface that primarily provides contextual properties, style management, document navigation, and media gallery features.


Use the Styles deck of the Sidebar to apply, create, edit, and remove formatting styles. Double-click an entry to apply the style.


Opens the Gallery deck of the Sidebar, where you can select images and audio clips to insert into your document.


Shows or hides the Navigator window, where you can quickly jump to different parts of your document. Navigator is also available as a deck of the Sidebar. You can also use the Navigator to insert elements from the current document or other open documents, and to organize master documents. To edit an item in the Navigator, right-click the item, and then choose a command from the context menu. If you want, you can dock the Navigator at the edge of your workspace.

Data Sources

Lists the databases that are registered in LibreOffice and lets you manage the contents of the databases.

Full Screen

Shows or hides the menus and toolbars in Writer or Calc. To exit the full screen mode, click the Full Screen button or press the Esc key.


Reduces or enlarges the screen display of LibreOffice.