Creating Numbered or Bulleted Lists as You Type

LibreOffice can automatically apply numbering or bullets as you type.

To Enable Automatic Numbering and Bulleting

  1. Choose Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options, click the Options tab, and then select “Bulleted and numbered lists”.

  2. Choose Tools - AutoCorrect, and ensure that While Typing is selected.

Nõuande ikoon

Automaatset nummerdamist rakendatakse ainult lõikudele, mis on vormindatud lõigustiiliga "Vaikimisi", "Põhitekst" või "Taandega põhitekst".

To Create a Numbered or Bulleted List While You Type

  1. Type 1., i., or I. to start a numbered list. Type * or - to start a bulleted list. You can also type a right parenthesis after the number instead of a period , for example, 1) or i).

  2. Enter a space, type your text, and then press Enter. The new paragraph automatically receives the next number or bullet.

  3. Press Enter again to finish the list.

Märkuse ikoon

You can start a numbered list with any number.

Numbering and Numbering Styles

Format - Bullets and Numbering