Numbering Style

Here you can create a Numbering Style. The Numbering Styles are organized in the Styles window.

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Choose View - Styles - open context menu Modify/New (for List Styles)

When a Numbering Style is created, a name is assigned to the numbering. This is why such templates are also called "named" numberings. Unnamed numberings, which are used for direct formatting, can be created in the Bullets and Numbering dialog or with the icons of the object bar.


Set the options for the selected style.


Displays the different bullet styles that you can apply.

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Bullets and Numbering of paragraphs is supported only in Writer, Impress and Draw.


Displays the different numbering styles that you can apply.


Displays the different styles that you can apply to a hierarchical list. LibreOffice supports up to nine outline levels in a list hierarchy.


Displays the different graphics that you can use as bullets in a bulleted list.


Sets the indent, spacing, and alignment options for the numbered or bulleted list.


Sets the formatting options for numbered or bulleted lists. If you want, you can apply formatting to individual levels in the list hierarchy.


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