Exchange Database

Change the data sources for the current document. To correctly display the contents of inserted fields, the replacement database must contain identical field names.

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Choose Edit - Exchange Database

For example, if you inserting address fields in a form letter from an address database, you can then exchange the database with another address database to insert different addresses.

Exchange Databases

You can only change one database at a time in this dialog.

Databases in Use

Lists the databases that are currently in use. The current document contains at least one data field from each of the databases in the list.

Available Databases

Lists the databases that are registered in LibreOffice.


Avab faili avamise dialoogi andmebaasi faili (*.odb) valimiseks. Valitud fail lisatakse võimalike andmebaaside nimekirja.


Replaces the current data source with the data source that you selected in the Available Databases list.

To exchange a database:

Ensure that both databases contain matching field names and field types.

  1. Click in the document that you want to change the data source for.

  2. Choose Edit - Exchange Database.

  3. In the Databases in Use list, select the database table that you want to replace.

  4. In the Available Databases list, select the replacement database table.

  5. Click Define.