Creating a Flowchart

To create a flowchart:

  1. Select a tool from the Flowchart toolbar on the Drawing bar.

  2. Drag a shape in your slide.

  3. To add more shapes, repeat the last steps.

  4. Open the Connectors toolbar on the Drawing bar, and select a connector line.

  5. Move the pointer over the edge of a shape so that the connection sites appear.

  6. Click a connection site, drag to a connection site on another shape, and then release.

  7. To add more connectors, repeat the last steps.

You now have the basic outline for your flowchart.

To add text to the shapes on your flowchart

Do one of the following:

To add a color fill to a shape:

  1. Select the shape, and choose Format - Area.

  2. Select Color, and then click a color in the list.

To add some hot spots that call other slides:

Assign interactions to some objects on your slide.

  1. Vali esmalt objekt ning seejärel Slaidiseanss - Interaktsioon.

  2. Vali dialoogist interaktsioon. Näiteks võib valida, et kui kasutaja klõpsab objektile, liigutakse järgmisele slaidile.