Opening Documents

Opening an existing document

  1. Do one of the following:

    Choose File – Open

Choose File – Open remote file

Do a long click in the Open icon on the standard toolbar and select Open Remote File in the bottom of the list.

  1. Select the file you want to open and click Open.

Restrict Files to Display

To restrict the display of files in the Open dialog to a certain type select the corresponding File type from the list. Select All Files to display all files.

Kursori asukoht

Üldiselt avatakse kõik dokumendid nii, et kursor asub dokumendi alguses.

One exception appears when the author of a Writer text document saves and reopens a document: The cursor will be at the same position where it has been when the document was saved. This only works when the name of the author was entered in - LibreOffice - User Data.

  1. Vajuta Shift+F5 kursori viimiseks viimasesse salvestatud positsiooni.

Opening an Empty Document

Click the New icon on the Standard bar or choose File - New. This opens a document of the document type specified.

If you click the arrow next to the New icon, a submenu opens in which you can select another document type.

Süsteemsed failidialoogid või LibreOffice'i dialoogid

Enamikus operatsioonisüsteemides võid valida, kas kasutada süsteemi dialooge või LibreOffice'i omi.

LibreOffice'i dialoog toetab failide alla- ja üleslaadimist turvalise https-ühenduse kaudu.

Failide avamine veebiserverist

You can enter a URL in the File name box of the Open dialogs. The URL must start with file:/// or ftp:// or http://.

Kui kasutad LibreOffice'i dialoogi, võid kasutada turvalise ühenduse jaoks prefiksit https:// ning saad salvestada dokumendi veebiserverisse.