Word Completion

Set the options for completing frequently occurring words while you type.

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Enable word completion

Stores frequently used words, and automatically completes a word after you type three letters that match the first three letters of a stored word.

Append space

If you do not add punctuation after the word, LibreOffice adds a space. The space is added as soon as you begin typing the next word.

Show as tip

Displays the completed word as a Help Tip.

Collect words

Adds the frequently used words to a list. To remove a word from the Word Completion list, select the word, and then click Delete Entry.

When closing a document, remove the words collected from it from the list

When enabled, the list gets cleared when closing the current document. When disabled, makes the current Word Completion list available to other documents after you close the current document. The list remains available until you exit LibreOffice.

Accept with

Select the key that you want to use to accept the automatic word completion.

Nõuande ikoon

Sõna lõpetamisest loobumiseks vajuta klahvile Esc.

Min. word length

Enter the minimum word length for a word to become eligible for the word completion feature.

Max. entries

Enter the maximum number of words that you want to store in the Word Completion list.

Word Completion list

Lists the collected words. The list is valid until you close the current document. To make the list available to other documents in the current session, disable "When closing a document, remove the words collected from it from the list".

Märkuse ikoon

If the automatic spellcheck option is enabled, only the words that are recognized by the spellcheck are collected.

Delete Entry

Removes the selected word or words from the Word Completion list.

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