Edits the replacement table for automatically correcting or replacing words or abbreviations in your document.

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Replacements and exceptions for language:

Select the language for which you want to create or edit the replacement rules. LibreOffice first searches for exceptions that are defined for the language at the current cursor position in the document, and then searches the remaining languages.

Replacement table

Lists the entries for automatically replacing words, abbreviations or word parts while you type. To add an entry, enter text in the Replace and With boxes, and then click New. To edit an entry, select it, change the text in the With box, and then click Replace. To delete an entry, select it, and then click Delete.

You can use the AutoCorrect feature to apply a specific character format to a word, abbreviation or a word part. Select the formatted text in your document, open this dialog, clear the Text only box, and then enter the text that you want to replace in the Replace box.


Enter the word, abbreviation or word part that you want to replace while you type. Wildcard character sequence .* in the end of word results the replacement of the word before arbitrary suffixes, too. Wildcard character sequence .* before the word results the replacement after arbitrary prefixes, too. For example, the pattern "i18n.*" with the replacement text "internationalization" finds and replaces "i18ns" with "internationalizations", or the pattern ".*..." with the replacement text "…" finds and replaces three dots in "word..." with the typographically correct precomposed Unicode horizontal ellipsis ("word…").

Nõuande ikoon

To replace word parts or characters within words, you can use starting and terminating wildcard character sequences in the same pattern. For example, entering time values can be faster using only numerical keys, and double decimal separators as colons in the following way: set the pattern ".*...*" or ".*,,.*" (double dots or commas within words) and the replacement text ":", and entering "10..30" or "10,,30" results "10:30" automatically.


Enter the replacement text, graphic, frame, or OLE object that you want to replace the text in the Replace box. If you have selected text, a graphic, a frame, or an OLE object in your document, the relevant information is already entered here.

Text only

Saves the entry in the With box without formatting. When the replacement is made, the text uses the same format as the document text.


Adds or replaces an entry in the replacement table.


Kustutab valitud elemendi või elemendid ilma kinnitust nõudmata.

Dialoogiakende nupud


Asendab muudetud väärtused viimati kehtinud väärtustega.


Sulgeb dialoogi ja tühistab kõik muudatused.


Salvestab kõik muudatused ja sulgeb dialoogiakna.