Lahtrite ühendamine ja tükeldamine

You can select adjacent cells, then merge them into a single cell. Conversely, you can take a large cell that has been created by merging single cells, and divide it back into individual cells.

Märkuse ikoon

When you copy cells into a target range containing merged cells, the target range gets unmerged first, then the copied cells are pasted in. If the copied cells are merged cells, they retain their merge state.

Lahtrite ühendamine

  1. Vali kõrvuti asetsevad lahtrid.

  2. Vali Vormindus - Lahtrite ühendamine - Ühenda lahtrid. Kui valid Vormindus - Lahtrite ühendamine - Ühenda ja keskjoonda lahtrid, siis keskjoondatakse ühendatud lahtri sisu.

Lahtrite tükeldamine

  1. Vii kursor lahtrisse, mida soovid tükeldada.

  2. Vali Vormindus - Lahtrite ühendamine - Tükelda lahtrid.

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