Trükialade määramine arvutustabelis

Sa saad valida, milline arvutustabeli lahtrite vahemik prinditakse.

The cells on the sheet that are not part of the defined print range are not printed or exported. Sheets without a defined print range are not printed and not exported to a PDF file, unless the document uses the Excel file format.

Märkuse ikoon

For files opened in Excel format, all sheets that do not contain a defined print range are printed. The same behavior occurs when you export the Excel formatted spreadsheet to a PDF file.

Trükiala määramiseks

  1. Vali lahtrid, mida soovid printida.

  2. Vali Vormindus - Trükialad - Määra.

Lahtrite lisamiseks trükialasse

  1. Vali lahtrid, mida soovid lisada olemasolevasse trükialasse.

  2. Vali Vormindus - Trükialad - Lisa.

Trükiala puhastamiseks

Lehepiiridega vaate kasutamine trükialade redigeerimiseks

In the Page Break Preview, print ranges as well as page break regions are outlined by a blue border and contain a centered page number in gray. Nonprinting areas have a gray background.

To define a new page break region, drag the border to a new location. When you define a new page break region, an automatic page break is replaced by a manual page break.

Trükialade vaatamiseks ja redigeerimiseks

  1. Vali Vaade - Vaade lehepiiridega.

    Nõuande ikoon

    To change the default zoom factor of the Page Break Preview, double click the percentage value on the Status bar, and select a new zoom factor.

  2. Redigeeri trükiala.

    Trükiala suuruse muutmiseks lohista ala piir uude kohta.

    Märkuse ikoon

    To delete a manual page break that is contained in a print range, drag the border of the page break outside of the print range.

    To clear a print range, drag a border of the range onto the opposite border of the range.

  3. Lehepiiridega vaatest väljumiseks vali Vaade - Normaalvaade.