Stata breto

La stata breto vidigas informojn pri via dokumento, inkluzivante la aktuale elektitan objekton. Vi povas duoble alklaki iujn statbretajn elementojn por malfermi tiurilatan dialogfenestron.

Aktuala grando

Displays the X and Y position of the cursor and the size of the selected object.


Specifies the current page display zoom factor.

Document Modification

If changes to the document have not yet been saved, a "*" is displayed in this field on the Status Bar. This also applies to new, not yet saved documents.

Aktuala lumbildo/nivelo

Displays the current slide number followed by the total number of slides.

Aktuala paĝa stilo

Displays the current Page Style. Double-click to edit the style, right-click to select another style.