Sort Order

Specifies the sort criteria for the data display.

To access this command...

Sort Order icon on the Table Data bar and Form Design bar


Sort Order

While the functions Sort in Ascending Order and Sort in Descending Order sort by one criterion only, you can combine several criteria in the Sort Order dialogue box.

You can remove a sorting that has been performed with the Reset Filter/Sorting icon.


Use this area to enter sorting criteria. If you enter additional sorting criteria under and then, the data matching the content of the higher-order criterion is ordered according to the next criterion.

If you sort the field name "Forename" in ascending order and the field name "Surname" in descending order, all records will be sorted in ascending order by forename, and then within the forenames, in descending order by surname.

Field name

Specifies the data field name whose content will determine the sort order.


Specifies the sort order (either ascending or descending).

and then

Specifies additional subordinate sort criteria from the other fields.